The HPS team takes seriously the stewardship of our managed condominium communities and our relationships with homeowners and residents. Choosing HPS means you are working with a strong team of dedicated professionals focused on managing the community with integrity and accountability. Ask us about how we can help build partnerships and make the success of the community our mission.

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Johnathan Grimmel, just want to extent thanks to you and your team for all your hard work so far, I know there was a lot to go
over and hope to see a lot of other residents get to join us in the next meeting Oct 10th!! it's a lot to tale on a community who feels neglected
but hang in there. The more we see we have a team who cares and listens, the more you will see we care. 

- Lisha Lacovelli​​

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Just wanted to give a shoutout to HPS. I saw their work truck making ... a few days ago. Today there is someone at the pool house now power washing the building. You can tell when a company cares about their customers when they have an attention to detail and drive to do the best they can. Thank you!!!

- Lori Bacan

I have got to give a SHOUT OUT to the association... I called about a shattered sliding glass door.... My Neighbors have moved... it Definitely was a CONCERN...that was about an hour ago... They are here fixing it now....

- Karen Candelaria

Sometimes you just need a caring and understanding person to help.  Thank you for being that person.

- Janet Smyth