Management for Homeowners Associations (HOA's)
The HPS team takes seriously the stewardship of our managed homeowners associations and our relationships with homeowners and residents. Choosing HPS means you are working with a strong team of dedicated professionals focused on managing the community with integrity and accountability. Ask us about how we can help build partnerships and make the success of the community our mission.
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The HPS Experience Makes a Difference

  • Our mission is the success of the community
  • We are in the community with marked vehicles
  • Our managers are professionally trained with CMCA certification 
  • Our managers are approachable, courteous, & respectful
  • Encouraging homeowner participation
  • Boards can subscribe and contribute to the quarterly newsletter
  • See an example of the HPS Community Chronical

What HPS Can Do For You

  • Transparent & streamlined bookkeeping for all association payables and receivables
  • Other customizable services to ensure the success of the community
  • Document processing of architectural requests, resale packages, and finance questionnaires

Technology with the HPS Portal

  • Immediate access to account balances for homeowners
  • Make payments online and set up recurring payments
  • View and download governing documents, minutes, and other documents
  • Online work orders can be submitted and tracked to completion
  • Take a tour of the HPS Portal

Genuine Customer Service and Care

  • A real person answers the phone
  • Most callers receive an answer to their questions or concern within 78.2 seconds
  • All calls are documented with time and date stamps for board review
  • Expanded customer service hours